Today is International Women’s Day and we want to celebrate it with you!

Remembering in particular all women who today do not see their fundamental rights recognised due to situations of conflict or emergency.

A recent UN report in 2020 has revealed that 129 million girls are blocked from attending school across the world. Not being able to attend schools leads to these girls being left unmonitored and often unsafe within their community.

33 million girls across the world were child brides in 2021. 

Sadly India accounts for significant percentage of these children in crisis. Schools have been closed for two years leaving many unable to study and engaged in child labour or at rick of trafficking and abuse.

 What future now awaits these girls? Many have completely lost their simple dream of living poverty free secure lives. Without help this will not be possible for them now. Two years without education and adequate social and health support has been devastating. 

 We feel it is vital to support these girls immediately, building bridges between them and the rights they are entitled to; ensuring access to services; ensuring that women’s and girl’s rights cannot be removed and changed depending on the time or economic conditions, but that they are incorporated at birth and integral to their expectations of life  throughout their lives. 

Let us therefore celebrate this fundamental day in the awareness that there is a lot of work to be done, and that days like these help us to remember, renew our commitment, shed light on what has been done and how much there is still to be done. Wishing you a good International Women’s Day, we invite you to support the education of girls  by giving  a regular donation below. Let guarantee women and girls their right to education!