Over 41,893 children went missing in India during 2015. Many of them end up being trafficked or as child labourers.


38 million children between the ages of 6 and 13 are not in school.


    Half of all child deaths in India are linked to malnutrition.


    Malnutrition during pregnancy and the first two years (first 1,000 days) may compromise mental and physical growth of the child and make childbirth risky for both mother and child.

    Child in Need India (CINI)

    CINI is an Indian and UK (OSCR) registered NGO working to develop poor communities through specifically investing in the support of vulnerable women and children. We work with over 1900 Indian professionals and are regarded as one of the most influential institutions working for poor children in India. For more than four decades, we have used a human rights-based approach to partner with central and state governments, national and international donors, NGOs, and local communities to strengthen the capacity of marginalized, typically-excluded children and women to improve their health, nutrition, education, and safety.

    “We work to shift negative attitudes and raise women’s and children’s expectations for themselves and their community”

     MEET SUPRIYA: Supriya is a young mother living in Murshidabad, West Bengal. Generations of women before her have given birth at home without access to proper antenatal and postnatal care. Many suffered with complications but in her community this was just to be expected. With CIN’s support Supriya found the voice and the platform she needed to break with tradition and give birth in hospital with access to the health care needed to deliver her baby safely. “My Mother In Law said that all her family had their babies at home and why should I be different? But I knew that my baby would have a better chance if I was in the hospital. CIN’s community worker gave me the confidence to speak up. You can sponsor a mother today and help women like Supriva.

     In 2020 CINI helped

    children aged 2 - 18 with their education

    pregnant and breastfeeding women with their health and nutrition

    children with direct protection from CINI

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