The CINI Method: Prioritising prevention over recovery

The CINI Method is how we tackle multi-generational poverty in the deprived communities where we work.  Its ultimate goal is to prioritise prevention over recovery.

The way we make change happen is a result of working alongside, listening to and learning from the communities we’ve served for almost fifty years. We have successfully delivered hundreds projects that have solved complex challenges, and learned many lessons along the way.

CINI will always work with communities to meet their most pressing health and nutrition needs. But our approach to addressing the consequences and root causes of poverty has undergone a paradigm shift over the decades. 

Our experience has taught us that our projects are only successful if they are holistic and delivered in partnership with stakeholders. 

Capturing 50 years of experience in the CINI Method

The CINI method is a human-rights based approach focused on facilitation, capacity building and supporting stakeholders achieve long term, sustainable change.

We create;

  • Child Friendly Communities which bring an understanding of rights closer to children at the local level.
  • Child Friendly Systems at the community level so child rights are understood and can be delivered.
  • Child Friendly Organisations that have child rights embedded in their organisational structures, management systems and operations.

CINI acts as a facilitator.  We bring together the community, public authorities and elected representatives so they can tackle issues in a joined up way and solve them together.  

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