Run a Fundraising Event

Could you run an event for CINI?

Our work simply wouldn’t be possible without our committed and innovative fundraisers who are constantly finding new and fun ways to raise money.

Indian music, food and culture are a rich seam worth mining for inspiration for events to raise funds for CINI’s work.  The main sources of funding for non-sponsorship events are usually some combination of ticket sales, collections and income from the sale or raffling of goods or services.

Here are some ideas: –

Cook for Life – have a fun night in with friends while helping mothers and children in India. All you have to do is invite some friends round for a meal (maybe but not necessarily Indian influenced) and a glass of wine and ask them for a donation in return.

Games night
 – have a marathon board games session and get sponsored for every hour you complete.

Tea & Cake – you can help support our vital work just by having a cuppa with your friends, family and colleagues! You could charge for a cup of tea or a piece of cake. You could even host afternoon tea or hold a tea party with the kids – perfect for school, nurseries or young families. Invite your friends round with their children to a party with miniature tea sets and teddies for fun games and face painting.

Quiz –have fun testing everyone’s general knowledge, just ask for entry money for the chance to win a small prize.  You might include a round on facts about India.

Dress up or down day – why not have a ‘dress up day’ for everyone to turn up in a costume or wear a silly hat or a ‘dress down day’ for the whole office or school to wear their jeans. Just ask for a donation and double it for those who fail to dress up or down!

Easter, Summer or Xmas Fete – set up fun stalls and sell home-made crafts, plants and cakes – and why not throw in a few yummy samosas and/or mango lassis!

However you choose to get involved in fundraising please remember that the money you raise will help to transform lives and every penny counts!

Maybe there are ways to add extra fundraising to your event – adding an auction, quiz or games could add to the amount you raise; matched giving by your work can double funds raised.