Creating Child Friendly Communities

CINI works under the UNICEF model of creating “Child Friendly Communities”.

The Child Friendly Communities model is an initiative that supports the government in realising the rights of children at the local level using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as its foundation.

We employ experienced local social work staff to create a community network that brings together government and other stakeholders such as civil society organisations, the private sector, schools, parents and, importantly, children themselves to work collectively to make their communities safer for women and children.


The Child Friendly Community Model focuses on:

Building Community Confidence

We work alongside community groups, schools, police and local government workers to signpost women and children to the correct place to find support. We run community outreach programs, create community safe spaces and community events to ensure women and children understand their rights and know where to find support.


Raising Community Standards

We train the trainers. We provide specialist training and support to local community workers, teachers, police and government representatives. We make sure standards are high and we hold people to account when it comes to the provision of community health, nutrition and education services.